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Adventure Park

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Giba Business Park is an eco sensitive facility, creating a sustainable work & play environment through low impact eco practices

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At Giba Business Park, you will find a thriving productive working Environment that is home to a variety of successful businesses.

Giba Business Park is a unique development set in the Giba Valley just outside Westmead in KwaZulu Natal. We offer various factories, buildings, warehouses, open platforms, storage space, fenced yard space, etc. We applied to Metro Town Planning for a “Special Zone (Clifton Canyon Zone) in 2009 & we finally received our Rezoning Approval in May 2105! The Clifton Canyon Zone was specifically designed for our site & it includes:- Tourism; Business Park; Light Industry & Conservation. Please see the Info Packs & download section:- Giba Business Park – Final Rezoning Layout approved by EThekwini Town Planning Department – May 2015″.

The popular Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park is situated within the Business Park with their biking and hiking trails linking through the various businesses and beyond into the private conservation area.

The developers behind Giba are trying to create an Eco-Friendly, Green Development making use of sustainable renewable solutions.

The Development started becoming a reality way back in 2004 when we signed up our first tenants in some of the old factories on the property. Over time and as we have renewed these factory leases, we have upgraded the facilities.

The Environmental Management Plan for Stockville Quarry has ensured that the Quarry area is been rehabilitated to provide future platforms for Light Industrial and Commercial Use. The total area for Light Industrial and Commercial will eventually be approx. 15Ha out of a possible 56ha. This area will eventually realise approx. 120 thousand square meters of prime level Industrial land! The balance of the area will be rehabilitated and maintained for Eco-Tourism and Private Conservation. The Tenants and owners of Businesses within the Park will also contribute a special levy to manage & maintain these Conservation areas.

We currently have a mix of just over 25 tenants involved with a variety of Businesses. The large portion of these are “Green, Sustainable” related Businesses which ties in with our long term vision of the Park. Please check out the Layout Plan which lists our current Tenants. Please feel free to liaise directly with them if you require any further information?

While there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, the Park is being passionately driven by the Development team who have no doubt that it will become one of the Premier Business Parks in the Country in years to come! Fortunately we are still very much in the Planning stages of the Development so we are very open to clients’ needs and desires. The long term vision of the Park is to be a Green, Eco-Driven Sustainable Business Park where people from all walks of life can work and play together!

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